When the diesel generators starter starter does not rotate

The magnetic switch has heard “cracking, cracking” sound

This is how it happened?
Such failures are generally due to the internal magnet switch is bad or lack of battery power caused.

Cause and troubleshooting full power we allow China to give us a detailed introduction.
First, the cause of the malfunction:
1, diesel engine starting line is bad or dirty battery posts.
2, the use of battery power diesel shortage.
3, the internal magnetic switch is bad.
Second, troubleshooting methods:
1, the start button on the start line and inspection, observation is not a bad phenomenon,

the R × 1 block with a multimeter test and found to belong to normal.
2, check the battery terminal contact surfaces and tighten again found fault then start the diesel engine has not rule out.
3, block DC voltage with a multimeter measured battery voltage is 12V, then start measured as 10.5V,

explain lack of battery power caused by the diesel engine difficult to start.
4, fully charged replacement battery, start engine, namely the fault is rectified.
These are presented to the user of diesel generator failure causes and troubleshooting methods,

hope the above introduction to give users a reference.


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