Diesel generator with fuel tank has a base and without fuel tank two kinds.

Why Weifang diesel generator sets to produce two different base it?

In general, the base tank of the generator set options. So you buy is to choose the base unit with a tank or tank base without it? In order to give the user to answer this question,

we give users about the pros and cons of diesel generator sets with tank base.

1, diesel generator fuel tank base with better overall sense, compact structure, beautiful appearance, easy handling,

compared to using an external fuel tank to be a lot easier,

which is to highlight the advantages of this type of unit.

2, but the base tank usually made of synthetic organic plastics, readily miscible with diesel. A mixture of diesel and fuel tank glue that formed over time will clog inlet pipe,

causing oil is not very smooth and cause difficulty in starting the generator set after startup speed instability,

down for no reason other failures.

The other is the bottom of the tank is not easy to sewage and maintenance,

if you buy a diesel generator base with the fuel tank, the best unit booster or sewage pipes set up, easy cleaning and maintenance.

So base with tank Weifang Diesel Generator Set pros and cons, everyone in the purchase should be selected according to their focus, in addition,

whether it is using an external tank or tank base, should pay attention to clean the oil, guarantee the normal operation of the diesel generator set.

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