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why is this oil burned in a power station

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Weifang Diesel generators in use, many people have come across the generator burning oil. Burning oil can be divided into three cases: burning oil cooler, and accelerate the burning of oil under any circumstances when burning oil. The above three cases, the first two cases the problem is not serious, but the third case is the need to take seriously. Here are how to determine whether the generator burning oil and serious? Burning oil in that part of the problem and so on.
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1, cooler burning oil. Generally cooler burning oil burning oil refers to the case when the first morning start.
Analyzing method: every morning when first starting generator, rear pipe will be relatively thick blue exhaust smoke. Blue smoke disappear over time, the day generally will not have a similar situation occurs (if the time in front of the situation is very long, there may also take the blue smoke situ parking stall time is longer). The next morning it will have the same problems, in other cases there is no blue smoke generation. If this happens to belong to burning oil cooler.
Reason: Due to prolonged use of valve seal, valve seal aging and cause serious wear and tear, has been unable to achieve a good seal. When the generator is not running for a long time, the oil will be under the influence of gravity into the cylinder through the valve seal. When starting the generator, the oil inside the cylinder under the action of high temperature and high pressure combustion will produce a large number of blue smoke. And when the generator heat engine, heat will seal valve seal effect changed for the better, so the heat engine burning oil disappears.
2, acceleration is burning oil. Burning oil when the generator accelerating means accelerating the exhaust pipe emitting blue smoke, but after steady speed operation, the blue smoke disappears.
Analyzing Method: In the exercise of the vehicle when the driver pedal to the metal in situ or run pedal to the metal from the exhaust pipe of the case a lot of blue smoke, exercise severe when the vehicle when the driver suddenly refueling door, the driver can I saw the blue smoke from the exhaust pipe side of the mirror in.
Reason: Since the piston ring and cylinder wall generator piston Mifengbuyan, when he went directly to the rapid acceleration of oil in the cylinder from the crankcase, resulting in burning oil.
Weifang Diesel generators burning oil situation appears, then there is a problem on a particular part of the unit means that, at this time the user must be timely find out the reasons, according to the reasons for troubleshooting.


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